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Individual Numbers Closing Set Tabs

Closing Sets Individual Numbers

Numerical Index Tabs

Letter Size, reverse numbering, side tabbed, not punched. Individual numbers, 25 per package.


Re: Index Tab Catatalog Numbers:
F5126-51N, F5126-68N & F5126-69N, F5126-103N THRU F5126-109N, F5126-111N, F5126-117N, F5126-118N, F5126-122N, F5126-124N, F5126-125N, F5126-126N, F5126-127N, F5126-128N, F5126-131N, F5126-136N, F5126-138N, F5126-141N, F5126-143N, F5126-144N, F5126-146N, F5126-147N THRU F5126-152N, F5126-154N THRU F5126-158N, F5126-161N, F5126-166N, F5126-168N, F5126-171N, F5126-172N, F5126-174N, F5126-175N, F5126-178N, F5126-181N, F5126-184N THRU F5126-189N, F5126-191N THRU F5126-196N, F5126-198N, F5126-199N, F5126-201N & F5126-203N

Paper mills have been discontinuing many grades of paper because of material shortages. The only mill that produces the 80 # Offset stock that is used by many tab manufacturers is temporarily out of stock. The paper mill advises that they hope to manufacture 80 # Offset stock in late February or March, however, tabs manufactured with the 80 # Index stock will not be replacing the substitute stock tabs until they are sold out.

We have no choice but to replace temporarily the Cat. Nos. listed above with 90# Index stock. This is the closest stock in appearance to the 80 # Offset stock that we can obtain. It is slightly heavier than the 80# Offset stock, however, when collated with 80 # Offset tabs it is not very noticeable. The color of the two grades is close in appearance.

The tab Cat. Nos. in inventory that are manufactured on the replacement 90 # Index stock are listed above. Please check this page for further Cat. Nos. when you are about to order.

Please contact customer service for samples of the 90 # Index stock. We cannot accept returns for the reason that they do not match tabs previously purchased. When we run out of inventory of the index tabs printed on 90 # Index stock, we will ship the index tabs manufactured with 80 # Index stock.

By clicking the continue button you are confirming you have read the above statement.

Pkg. Size
Paper Size
Side Tabbed

51 - 275
Reverse (Descending)

Index Pricing:

Your current price break total is 0 packages (@ $14.06 per pkg.). The next Price Break is 10 packages (@ $11.25 per pkg.).

Directions: Enter the range of numbers/letters you want in any of the rows below. For example, if you want index 1 only, the range would be 1 - 1. If you want indexes 17 - 36, that would be the range. Next enter number of packages for each range you would like. A catalog number will dynamically be generated in the shopping cart.

"Add to Cart" button adds item and takes you to cart.

Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -
Index Range - SKU Base Number 5126 -

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