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Custom Artwork Seals

Custom Artwork for Logo Seals and Embossers

Emboss the exact impression you want

If you’d like a custom seal or embosser with your logo, coat of arms, heraldry, insignia or unique artwork, please call 800 221-2972 x1551 or fill out the custom seal request form. We'll discuss your requirements and furnish a quote. Click on image of each sample seal to enlarge.

Custom Notary Seal ExampleCustom Notary Seal ExampleCustom Notary Seal ExampleCustom Notary Seal ExampleCustom Notary Seal Example

Custom Seals and Stationery Embossers

Professional Seals

Seals for use by notaries, corporations, engineers, architects, libraries and organizations. Emboss legal and tamper proof impressions on documents. Available for all states. We offer different size seals so you get the exact embossed impression you need for your professional duties.

Stationery Embossers

Emboss your stationery and envelopes with your name, address or design. Stationery embossers provide crisp, raised impressions for a personal touch.

Personal Embossers

Emboss invitations, napkins, books, etc. with your name and/or monogram or any of our stock designs. Custom engraved designs also available from your artwork. You might also be interested in our stock Ex Libris library book seals.

Wax Seals

Provide privacy of documents, letters and envelopes as well as adding elegance to your stationery and invitations. Available plain lettered or with a monogram. Custom engraved designs and lettering available from your artwork.

Antique Corporate Seals

BlumbergExcelsior also has a limited supply of antique corporate seals. Call 800 221-2972 x1551 for details.

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