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Certified Mail PRO 4.1

A complete Certified Mail solution including software and labels. Easy to use and USPS approved.

Includes ability to send Priority Certified Mail. Priority Certified Mail is mandatory for mailings 13 oz. and over.

With Intelligent Mail Barcode. Complies with the latest USPS mailing number requirements.

Certified Mail Pro includes all the features of Standard plus:

  • Creates a manifest of certified mail pieces to prove delivery to USPS.
  • New form 3087—use with the manifest when you do not need the return postcards.
  • Use form 3086 for mailings with return postcard.
  • Tracks incoming mailers.
  • Improved return receipt log printing: Sort on multiple criteria.
  • Customizable Transaction Report tracks return receipt automatically with a Barcode Wand (wand not included).
  • Searchable database.
  • Multiple return addresses.
  • Choose from our standard formats or customize your own reports.
  • Extra labels on form 3086 allow you to create additional mailing labels with recipient’s or sender’s address.
  • On-screen print preview.
  • Enhanced bulk mailing: set up multiple batch mailing list. Drag and drop features makes list creation easy.
  • Certified Mail Pro Network Edition allows the sharing of a common database with multiple users on the network. You can add or edit names and addresses on batch print file to save print time.

Certified Mail Form 3087

Certified Mail Label 3087Large volume mailers of Certified Mail that do not require the return postcard can save lots of time with Blumberg's Certified Mail Form 3087. Each letter size form has nine Certified Mail labels (form 3800) and nine small labels with the mailing piece numbers and address details to be affixed to your office file. Use the form with the manifest of Certified Mail pieces created by our Certified Mail Pro software. Click here to order Certified Mail labels.

Click here for free Certified Mail Standard Software.

System Requirements
PC or compatible computer with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8 or 10. Windows supported printer. Optional barcode wand for Certified Mail Pro requires USB or keyboard port wand reader.
For upgrades call Ann Lutchmidat at 800 529-6278 x1553

3086AS Certified Mail Pro 4.1 additional station user (1 seat)



3086NW5 Certified Mail Pro 4.1 5-User Network Edition, 3086 labels



3086USL Certified Mail Pro 4.1 100-User license includes 100 3086 labels




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