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Blumberg Premium Legal Writing Pads

Personalize these classic yellow legal pads with your firm name stamped across the top

Legal Pads

Frequently Asked Questions and Facts

What is a legal pad and who invented them?

We call them “legal pads” because when they were first available in 1888 (the year after Bob Blumbergs grandfather founded our company) a paper mill worker Thomas Holly working at a paper mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts collected the sortings (scraps) from various factories and bound them into pads. They were cut to legal size.

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Why do lawyers use yellow legal pads?

When the legal pad paper was manufactured with ground wood and scraps to make up the batch of pulp, they were colored yellow because it was more expensive to make the batch white.

Lawyers were the primary users of legal size paper. The legal pad became a bedrock tool of legal practice. Because legal notes must be retained for many years, lawyers prefer better quality paper. The better paper also enables users to write with a wider variety of instruments: pencil, fountain pens, ball point and felt tip markers.

Why are Blumberg Legal Pads Better?

Blumberg legal pads are not low quality "big box" store pads.
Premium features of Blumberg Legal Pads
– Smooth, bright surface, free sheet paper, 50 sheets
– 80-point binderboard backer, 30 to 50% thicker
– Sturdy, brown leather-look tape binding
– Personalize with your firm name in one of 5 tape colors and 3 foil colors.
– Fountain pen ink does not blot or feather.

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