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The Registered E-mail® System

E-mails are easily changed.
Protect your communications with Proof of Sending + Proof of Delivery + Proof of Content

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The Registered E-mail SystemTry the Registered E-mail® system without risk. You can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund, even if you’ve used some or all of the service that you bought.

The Registered E-mail® system is a service that protects the sender in case of a dispute involving Internet e-mail. Any e-mail user can participate. The receiver never needs to pre-enroll to receive the Registered E-mail® system and does nothing extra to generate the return of a Registered Receipt™ to the sender. All information necessary to verify the Registered Receipt™ e-mail and to reconstruct its original content is embedded within the receipt itself. This receipt is returned by e-mail and managed by the sender. Unlike standard e-mail return receipts, Registered Receipts™ conform to the electronic statute requirements and prove delivery and content delivered to any Internet address. The system does not store any e-mail with a third party, so security and privacy are not compromised. The Registered Receipt™ e-mail itself contains the encrypted information necessary to verify a transaction.

Order The Registered E-mail® system online

The Registered E-mail® System offers these outstanding benefits

Legal Protection
The Registered E-mail® system protects you by providing the sender of an e-mail message with an electronic receipt that proves the message’s delivery. The receipt includes a “digital fingerprint” of the message that can be used to prove the exact content of the original message and its attachments.

Close Deals Faster
Get signatures and counter-signatures to accelerate the closing of business deals.

Save Time
You no longer have to call the person you sent an email to for confirmation of receipt.

Save Money
The Registered E-mail® system eliminates the need for multiple copies, overnight delivery and manual filing of documents.

Practice More Law Electronically Use in attorney to client communications, securities law, contract law, labor law and litigation.

The Registered E-mail® System = Legal Proof

Proof of Sending • Proof of Delivery • Proof of Content

Use the Registered E-mail® system to legally protect your e-mail transactions while you save time and money conducting more of your practice electronically. Now you can get the Registered E-mail® system easily from BlumbergExcelsior, the same company law firms have been using for legal supplies, forms, software and corporate services since 1887.

Introductory Promotion for First Orders—Buy any quantity, get the same number free. If this is the first order placed by your firm Check the box for first order.

For further information for to order call 800-221-2972 x1565 or e-mail

Order The Registered E-mail® system online

Terms of sale and rate definitions.

Service Pack:This plan is like buying a book of postage stamps for your company. You pre-pay for a pack of the Registered E-mail® system units for use by anyone within the company who is or will be enabled for service.

All monthly license and maintenance fees are bundled into the per unit price, so there are no other charges. When a company purchases a Service Pack of the Registered E-mail® system units, anyone that is enabled for the Registered E-mail® system in that organization may debit the balance of the central Service Pack. Once a Service Pack has been used up, a block of equal size is automatically billed using the same payment method, unless you notify BlumbergExcelsior in advance with other instructions.

Notes & Definitions:
1. A User is one sender e-mail address.
2. 1 unit of the Registered E-mail® system is defined as one recipient address per megabyte e-mail size.
3. Units in a Service Pack are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
4. Website support for the service is included and is comprised of website training materials, software updates, and e-mail response to service questions.
5. Corporate Live Demonstrations can be purchased from BlumbergExcelsior.
6. Recurring charges and new users will be charged by the same payment method until service is cancelled or BlumbergExcelsior is otherwise notified by an authorized user representative sending a Registered E-mail® system notice to

For further information or to order call 800-221-2972 x1565 or e-mail

The Registered E-mail® System is a registered trademark of RPost.

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