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In describing Julius Blumberg, the founder in 1887 of what is now BlumbergExcelsior Inc., The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law says,
". . . Blumberg got the idea that legal transactions could be greatly simplified through the use of a form on which common 'boilerplate' elements were already printed." Over 130 years and millions of transactions later, attorneys still use Blumberg Forms to get more work done in less time in compliance with court practices. We continually update our legal forms to make your job easier and to ensure compliance with the latest revisions in the law.

When you use a Blumberg legal form, you can be sure the form has all the latest revisions for your jurisdiction.

You can buy and use Blumberg legal forms in four electronic versions

On your law firm's intranet
– Westlaw Doc & Form Builder
– LEAP Software

We still publish most of our forms on paper since paper legal forms, even in the Internet era, are popular with law firms and their clients around the country.

The information below will help you decide the best format of Blumberg legal forms for your purposes. In you need further help please call 800 221-2972 ext. 1553 or email

Blumberg Forms Online

24/7 from any computer with an internet connection

User Access: Anyone

Payment: Credit card at site or open account

Blumberg Forms Intranet

Any computer connected to the firm's network

User Access: Any person issued an ID and password

Payment: Annual subscription

Westlaw Doc & Form Builder

Through Westlaw Form Builder, New York forms only

User Access: Contact Westlaw at
800 759-5418

Payment: Contact Westlaw at
800 759-5418


LEAP Software for Law Firms
in NJ, NY, and MA

User Access:


Blumberg Forms Online

Interactive Blumberg Legal Forms® with links to over 30,000 others

Used in millions of transactions! Over 310 interactive Blumberg Law Forms for Nationwide, CT, FL, NJ, NY, PA. Powers of attorney, real estate, leases, litigation, business certificates (DBA) and more. For an index of Blumberg Forms Online visit:

Blumberg has added select Westlaw forms to Powers of attorney, leases and landlord/tenant nonpayment notices for CA, TX and FL are now available. We will add many more for these and other jurisdictions.

Purchasing Options

At the site: $9.00 each, for one or more transactions with Protection Plus and Software Key Solo for secure credit card payment. Use a credit card to purchase an ID and Password to print. For each form purchase you can print unlimited drafts and final copies!

Quantity Price per Form 1-9 $9.00, 10-24 8.10, 25-49 7.20

Quantities below sold through Blumberg at 800 221-2972 ext. 1553.
Price per Form 50-99 $6.55, 100-249 5.95, 250-499 4.15, 500-999 3.60, 1000+ 2.95

Bar Associations Discounts NYSBA Member Benefit: 15 Blumberg forms for $6.00 each.

For information contact Ann, 800-529-6278 x1553,

More Information

Reduce Overhead

Move work from typewriter to computer.

The default data from prior transactions can be used to complete the same form in another matter.

E-mail drafts to others for review directly from the site. Eliminates printing, copying, cover memos and delivery costs.

Avoid obsolete paper forms. New and revised forms are available as soon as they are posted.

Reduced forms inventory helps recover file space for other purposes.

Invoice clients for the transaction cost of Blumberg Forms Online. A dedicated field associates transactions with clients.

Printing multiple originals of the final form reduces trips to the photocopier.

Uses familiar Adobe .pdf and .fdf files.

Boilerplate Cannot be Changed

Standard forms with recognizable boilerplate have been the preferred documents in commercial transactions since the invention of movable type. For attorneys, they allow the ease and certainty of negotiating by exception. For clients, they support the efficient use of professional and staff time. You are the only one who can change the fill-ins on Blumberg Forms Online. If you e-mail a form to another, the recipient cannot change the fill-ins.

Produce Forms Faster, Around the Clock

Every work station will have the entire inventory of Blumberg Forms available for instant use around the clock, plus links to 30,000 other law forms.

Creates Riders to Forms within .pdf file. If a field is too small to fit the variable information, the program allows you to create an Addendum.

File Management

An archive e-mail of each final is sent to the user. You may wish to save this e-mail on your computer. The file remains available at the site for 30 days after purchasing a form or for 10 days after the final print.

Start new forms with the same data. Change whichever fields are necessary for the new transaction. If you save e-mails to a forms folder it will be easier to use the filled-in fields as default data for the next transaction using the same form.

Unlimited Revisions of “DRAFTS”

The form may be revised as many times as you wish in the Draft mode. The fill-ins are locked only when you are ready for the final print. In either mode you can print as many forms as you like. For multi-part forms (UCC-1, etc.) use the Print Dialogue Box to print all the pages, or just the ones you want.


We delete site files 30 days after a draft is printed or 10 days after the final print. A password is required every time you go to the form to enter data or revise data.

Blumberg Forms Intranet

The online forms system at, within your firewall Unlimited use with annual subscription fee.
The entire Blumberg Online Forms library.

The annual subscription fee is based on the number of forms transactions you anticipate for the first year. A transaction includes multiple drafts, and multiple prints of the final Blumberg form. Downloaded forms and user-created forms within the Blumberg Intranet for your transactions, is not charged as a transaction. They are free. Final Blumberg forms and templates of Blumberg forms are counted as a transaction.

The subscription price for the first year is based on your choice of the following levels of form transactions:
100 @ $5.95 ea. = $ 595.00, 250–$4.15=$1037.50, 500–$3.60=$1800.00, 1000–$2.95=$2950.00, 2000–$2.50=$5000.00

Installation and training (2 web conference sessions), $250.

Additional years – we will take an annual report of forms transactions and using the price schedule in effect at that time, bill you for the same quantity as the prior year if usage is within ± 25% of the prior years usage. Otherwise, we will bill you at the next lower or higher rate. If in any year your usage is more than 25% above the anticipated use, we will bill you for the additional transactions above the 25% amount at the next lower unit rate.

For information contact Ann, 800-529-6278 x1553,

More Information

A full forms management system.

- improved management of over 285 Blumberg forms.
- with Acrobat Reader, also manage pdf’s downloaded from the web
- static or fillable.
- with Adobe Acrobat 6+, convert your own Word or WordPerfect forms to pdf’s, then manage them in the Blumberg Intranet.
- print, edit and reuse the Blumberg forms; downloaded Official Forms (pdf’s); and user-created forms in your central forms repository.
- downloaded forms and user-created forms are not counted in determining the subscription price. They are free.

Retrieve forms by title, number, matter or date range from the Log of Forms, the Drop-Down Menu of Templates or with the Customized Log Search. Print, edit and reuse the Blumberg forms, previously downloaded Official Forms (pdf’s); and user-created forms.

Eliminate redundant data entry. Data in the fields of the forms is retained for use of the form in another matter. A real time saver. Save part or fully completed Blumberg forms, downloaded pdf’s and user-created forms as templates for future use. Reduce data entry when you use them later. Ideal for saving captions, attorney’s name and address, common fields in leases for several apartments n the same building, etc. Forms and templates may be used by everyone in the office, or limited to the user that created them.

Immediate downloads of new and revised forms. As soon as forms are available at Blumberg Forms Online, they can be downloaded from our website. Each time a form is selected the system will check our website and notify the user if a more recent form is available for download.

The Administrator

- sets the user name and passwords by individual or groups (using a .txt batch file)
- can view any form and its usage, other users can only view and work on their own forms
- download new and revised forms
- prepare reports of use by date, user, form number and matter
- there can be any number of administrator

The Log Report can be exported to a .txt file for external use (comma delimited) for billing clients automatically, etc.

Security: client data resides on your computer.

Westlaw Form Builder with Blumberg Forms

BlumbergExcelsior, Inc., and Thomson Reuters have a strategic licensing agreement which will add all the Blumberg's New York forms at to current content on Westlaw Form Builder. The list of forms covers several practice areas including litigation, real estate, landlord/tenant and powers of attorney. With the Blumberg forms available on Westlaw Form Builder, customers will have the ability to: auto-fill Blumberg forms using Westlaw document generation software; purchase Blumberg forms on a subscription instead of a transaction basis; and navigate more easily from Blumberg forms to Westlaw's larger repository of forms.

For information contact Westlaw at 800 759-5418.

LEAP LEGAL Software with Blumberg Forms

LEAP legal software and Blumberg have partnered for New York attorneys to now have access to 25 of the most popular Blumberg forms. Along with LEAP's extensive library of up-to-date forms across all common areas of law, you can have unlimited access, without additional fees, to the Blumberg form products. The automation power of LEAP allows you to simply enter your important client information into LEAP once which is then populated throughout all the Blumberg forms. With the ability to automate, you will not have to fill in data manually. You will be able to draft and produce documents quickly, without typographical errors.

To learn more about how you can access Blumberg forms that are integrated with LEAP, please visit

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