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20 Loose Blank Stock Certificates with Stubs

Use for corporations, LLCs and LPs

3-hole loose leaf letter size stock certificates and full page stubs; 20 certificates per package. These blank certificates come in a variety of colors. Use Blumberg's free SharePrinter template to print certificates easily.

Download Share Printer, FREE

Shareprinter™ prints in the fields of the preprinted story that appears on the certificates that come with our corporate, LLC and LP kits or on imprinted certificates ordered without the kit. It does not print the entity name, capitalization, etc. because they are imprinted in the story in our plant. It fills in the name of holder, prints the number of shares/units in the certificate box, spells out the number in the story, then prints same on the stub. It is not intended for use with blank bordered certificates, or certificates with story of styles that are not included with kits.

– Dates the certificate and stub automatically.
– For single class BlumbergExcelsior certificates.

Important: to use the TEMPLATE, request loose (not bound) certificates and stubs when you place a corporate kit or certificate order.

Cat. No. Description PRICE Qty.  
L5187 Green corporation share certificates with stubs $28.70
L5187BL Blue corporation share certificates with stubs $28.70
L5187OR Orange corporation share certificates with stubs $28.70
L5187BR Brown corporaton share certificates with stubs $28.70
L5187LLC Green LLC certificates with stubs $28.70
L5187LLCBL Blue LLC certificates with stubs $28.70
L5187LP Green LP (limited partnership) with stubs $28.70
L5187TX Green Texas corporation share certificates with stubs $28.70

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