Criminal Law Practice Legal Supplies

Products for lawyers that represent the state or individuals in criminal cases

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Criminal Defense Case File

Organize your criminal defense cases with Blumberg's criminal defense case file folders. Forms printed on 15 pt. manila. Front panel has arraignment data and subsequent appearances. Inside panels have space for assignment DA, description, clothing and a body illustration for markup. Space for client interview notes, grand jury data and more.

DUI/DWI Defense Case File

Organize your driving under the influence cases with Blumberg's DUI/DWI case file folder. Printed forms on 15pt. manila folder. Front panel has space for BAC/LAB results, incident summary, prosecutor and motor vehicle agency. Inside panels have lines for client information, pretrial motions and more.

Criminal Case Index Tabs

34 printed tabs and 2 blanks to organize criminal cases.

Exhibit Indexes

Bottom and side tabbed, alphabetical and numerical exhibit indexes in letter and legal sizes.

Exhibit Stickers Blank

Create your own exhibit stickers.

Exhibit Stickers Printed


Jury Polling Pads

Record juror votes in response to the questions on the verdict form.

Jury Selector "The Jury Case"

Makes jury selection more efficient, keeps the attorney connected to the jury during trial and aids in the formulation of the closing argument.

Legal Pads

Litigation ruled and standard left ruled.

Marketing Pamphlets for Criminal Law Attorneys

"What You Should Know If You Are Arrested" License content for your website or get a pamphlet imprinted with your contact information.

The Attorney Case File

Collect and manage client/case, investigation and trial details with this outstanding case management system.

Trial Notebooks

Includes ring binder, index tabs, exhibit labels and more to organize your case.

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