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Corporate Law Products and Services

Blumberg offers products and services lawyers need to serve the corporate law needs of LLCs, corporations, professional corporations, nonprofit organizations and other entities.

Corporate Law Products and Services

Corporate, LLC, LP & Nonprofit Kits

Kits at all price points. All Blumberg corporate kits include seal, certificates, records, binder, and more.

Stock and Ownership Certificates

Plain and imprinted certificates for all types of entities. Custom clauses and artwork available.

Corporate Seals

Pocket and desktop models.

Minute Books and Paper

Leather and imitation leather Hylson® minute books.

Corporate, LLC and Partnership Documents and Forms

Blumberg offers single transaction forms online and custom corporate agreements and documents.

Incorporation and LLC Formation Services

We prepare and file new entity documents in all states with special knowledge about professional entities and not-for-profits.

Corporation and LLC Dissolutions

Get fast and accurate dissolution filing services with a simple phone call to Blumberg.

Registered Agent Services

Timely alerts and volume discounts if you have multiple entities.

Corporate Counsel Services and Supplies

Use Blumberg as an extension of your office.

Corporate Document Filing Service

Out of state qualifications, amendments, mergers, dissolutions, document retrieval, assumed name and company name reservation.

New Entity Publication Services

If your state requires publication, Blumberg can do the filings and place the ads for very reasonable service fees.

Public Record Searches

Corporate document retrieval, judgment searches, UCC searches and filings, etc.

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